What is Naturopathy?

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth.”

- Gautama Buddha


Naturopathy is an effective system of medicine that has its roots in ancient knowledge. Naturopathic treatment encourages the body’s powerful ability to heal through dietary changes, nutritional therapy, herbal and energetic medicines.


Herbal medicine combines the ancient wisdom of traditional knowledge with extensive clinical experience and modern scientific research.


Naturopathic treatment can be utilised to prevent illness, treat various disease states and promote good health.


Naturopaths are skilled in using health assessment tools that other medical professionals use, for instance blood pressure, lung auscultation and blood tests. However, we are also looking for more subtle signs of dysfunction within the body and nutrient deficiency signs in order to prevent illnesses from becoming more chronic and life debilitating. Which is why iridology, tongue, nail and facial analysis are also considered to be valuable assessment tools when used in conjunction with more mainstream methods.


Naturopathic clinics: A Different Form of Healthcare Practice

Naturopathic clinics embody a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine. Imagine healthcare that treats you, a whole person, and not simply the disease you possess. Imagine healthcare that focuses on discovering the root causes of disease and not simply the suppression of symptoms. Imagine a practitioner who takes the time to truly listen to your story and not simply write you a prescription.


No need to imagine … Naturopathic clinics provide a holistic system of healthcare (Dean, 2018) for your ultimate well-being, crafted to your individual needs.


If you would like to experience this holistic form of health care please contact Nicola for a naturopathic consultation through the Connect page.