“It really was an incredibly valuable programme. I learnt so much! I was nervous about commitment but what I loved was the easy, step by step, week by week approach. It's has absolutely changed the way I eat…I did slip back into having a few drinks each week but in general, I am still making much better food choices now. I can’t remember the last time I had McD’s which was always my go-to on the run!...Probably lost around 5-7kg but most importantly felt fantastic…felt great all summer, despite it being busy socially (i.e. a lot of alcohol consumption) even on the roadies I made better food choices…got so much out of the programme. I have raved about it to friends and family and have shared your cracker recipe god knows how many times!”

Charlotte Perry


Nic's Detox Program has been one of the best investments that I have made, the results have been life changing. After the initial two-weeks, I had lost 6kg. I felt so good I decided this is just how I eat now. After six-weeks of healthy food choices I have dropped 10kg. I've never been one to be shackled to the scales, the true benefits are in how I feel. I have also dropped high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, skin conditions, anxiety and nausea. What I have gained outweighs any digits: increased energy and vitality, some really delicious recipes and food inspiration, more activities and fun in my life, glowing skin (so I've been told) and the motivation to accomplish my goals. There is an actual spring in my step. Nga mihi aroha ki a koe, Nic. I hope more people welcome your wellness wisdom in their world, too.

Dawn Treneary


I visited Nicola with multiple issues. Over weight, tired, no energy, digestive issues, Type 2 Diabetes, skin cancer surgery which was not healing, constant loose motions. What a list. Nicola's support and understanding, treatment and solutions has been amazing. I would wake up with sinus every morning, acid reflux, unable to sleep lying down the list goes on. Nicola addressed issues step by step. At my pace and comfort zone. I can now sleep lying down, no sinus or sneezing in the morning, diabetes levels stable, no longer have acid reflux, my wound from surgery on my leg has healed with minimum scarring. I have been able to reduce my diabetes medication and insulin. I have lost some weight. Feel better, able to start exercising, my doctor is very pleased with my results. Also my loose motions have settled down, a big saving in loo paper. This journey of mine is forever and I thank Nicola so much for starting my healing journey and continuing support.

Janis Little


Nicola is by far the most knowledgeable natural healer I have ever used. She knows everything about the human body. She is very thorough in her consultations which results every time in getting to the source of my concerns and fixing them. I also do her online Spring Detox every year which is AMAZING and leaves me feeling so revitalised and lighter in time for Summer. Highly recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to feel their best!!!

Claire Nicholls


I wish I had found Nicola sooner! She was very thorough in her assessments and it showed in the results I felt and how soon I felt them. She is very practical and understanding on budgets and time constraints. She makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and listened to. I would highly recommend anyone to go see her.

Christina Wells


I’ve just been to see a Nicola for a bit of a ‘me time’ massage after a few stressful and overwhelming weeks. It was hands down (no pun intended!) the best massage I have ever received. After an hour I felt more relaxed physically and mentally than I have in a long time. I can’t recommend her highly enough for her knowledge and skills! And I just loved the gift of a small posey of fragrant flowers and shrubs hand picked from her garden afterwards. Just magic!

Robyn Townsend