Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology techniques are considered to have arisen from ancient civilisations such as the Chinese, Egyptian and African cultures.


Reflexology is based on the understanding that the body has reflex zones that are found on the feet, hands and ears. When a specific place is pressed on the feet for instance, then it triggers a response (either stimulating or sedating) in the corresponding area of the body.


The body can sometimes become imbalanced after illness, stress or injury and this can cause blocks in the energy pathways of the body. Because blood follows qi this can result in dysfunction. By opening up the energy pathways with precise pressure movements this allows the body and mind to relax and assists in healing processes.


Reflexology techniques may include thumb and finger walking, alternating pressure, hooking in or up, rotation on a reflex and other specific reflex stimulation techniques.


Recent studies have shown an altering in monitored brain patterns when reflexology is applied to various reflexes on the foot. (Nakamura, Miura, Fukushima, Kawashima, 2008, pp. 6-9). Which indicates the reflex zones are accurate, and reflexology has the capacity to stimulate the brain and the corresponding areas of the body, in order to assist healing.


Cost: $95

Duration: 1 Hour

Providing: A reflexology foot treatment



Nakamura, T., Miura, N., Fukushima, A., Kawashima, R. (2008) Somatotopical relationships between cortical activity and reflex areas in reflexology: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Neuroscience Letters; Vol 448, Issue 1.