Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

QRA testing is a form of kinesiology using accupressure points.


QRA allows us to assess the function of the body and what foods, nutrients, supplements or herbs it may require to return to alignment and good health.


QRA testing is also an integral assessment tool that is used by practitioners around the world that specialise in heavy metal treatment.

One study found that by combining the “Bi-Digital O-Ring Dysfunction Localization Method" with clinically useful organ representation points in acupuncture medicine (where the presence of tenderness at the organ representation point is used for diagnosis as well as for the location of treatment), it has become possible to make early diagnoses of most of the internal organs, with an average diagnostic accuracy of over 85%, without knowing the patient’s history or using any instruments (Yoshiaki, 1981, pp. 239-254).


Consultation fee $85

Duration: 45 minutes

Providing: Detailed QRA consultation and an individualised treatment plan.



Yoshiaki, O. (1981) New simple early diagnostic methods using Omura’s “Bi-digital O-Ring dysfunction localization method” and acupuncture organ representation points, and their applications to the “Drug & Food Compatibility Test” for individual organs and to auricular diagnosis of internal organs – Part 1. Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research, Volume 6, Number 4.