My Philosophy

I believe that humans are individually unique in many respects, although there can be patterns that occur. That their health issues are commonly derived from many different influences. That healing also needs to come in a package that is individualised to their own needs. So, my philosophy is that there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All”. You are unique and will be treated with a holistic approach tailored to you.


One of my key focuses when working with people is to assist their understanding of how their thoughts and emotions, not just genetics and microorganism exposure, can cause and influence disease development.


I believe people are capable of great change, and with greater self-awareness and healthy choices they can achieve wellness. I believe that I’m here to assist people on their journey to good health and a joyful existence!


If you would like to be assisted on your own healing journey, then please contact me on: +64 27 600 6330 or



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