Naturopathy & Medical Herbalist Consultation

Skype, Zoom or Phone consultations are available for clients based in other regions or countries than New Plymouth in New Zealand, otherwise face to face consultations are recommended.


The Naturopathy & Medical Herbalist Consultation generally takes two hours.

It may include:

  • Detailed and confidential case taking covering all aspects of your personal and family health history
  • Discussion of your eating habits, preferences and dislikes
  • A range of medical physical assessments which may include blood pressure reading, auscultation and palpation of various parts of the body. Or referrals to Medlab for blood or saliva testing
  • A range of complementary assessments which may include iridology or sclerology, facial, tongue and nail analysis
  • Consideration of your various constitutional types or blood type
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) – which is a form of kinesiology using acupressure techniques. It evaluates the health of the body and any deficiencies it may have
  • Once all the evidence is collected I will then explain what factors seem to be involved in your health issue/s
  • Then I will offer treatment suggestions that are individualised to your requirements and preferences. This is in full discussion and negotiation with you. The treatment may include dietary recommendations, herbs, supplements and lifestyle advice


From this detailed consultation process clients leave feeling heard, informed, inspired and excited about the treatment plan and journey that is ahead of them!


Cost: $160

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Follow Up Cost $85

Duration 30-45 minutes

Child’s consultation (0-13 years) Cost is $110 for 1 hour duration.

Providing: Thorough consultation, multiple forms of assessment and an individualised treatment plan.


Naturopathy & Medical Harbalist Testimonials

"I can highly recommend working with Nicola Swanson as a professional health practitioner. She encouraged and supported me to brave my resistance and begin a new healthy lifestyle. I now have a new found respect for what goes into my body and how I see myself. I would encourage anyone wanting better health to work with Nic she has been a guiding light for my peace of mind and motivation."

Lisa Lister Testimonial 25.1.18


"Nicola is simply wonderful and her energy is contagious! I had been struggling with low energy levels for a while and with just a few tests she was able find out what was causing it and suggested some lifestyle and diet adjustments that dramatically improved my energy levels and overall wellbeing - all naturally!! Totally recommend it."

Mariana Melo Testimonial 20.9.17