Painful muscles, stress and the frenetic pace of life can be alleviated with a good quality massage.


I am trained in relaxation massage and have learnt that massage does not need to be painful to be therapeutic. Deep healing can come through various massage and stretching techniques.


I am trained in relaxation massage. However I've been massaging clients since 2006 and have picked up many different therapeutic tools for massage along the way.



$65 for 30 minutes

$95 for 1 hour

$130 for 90 minutes


Massage Testimonials

"I met Nicky for the first time 2 weeks ago for a massage (the best I have ever experienced) and a 2 hour consultation. Her knowledge and compassion is outstanding. If you need help, I would recommend this dynamic woman."

Debbie Bunn


"Just had my first massage with Nic and I feel relaxed, centred and calm. My body lapped up each minute and feels like its on the road to repair. Your massage and holistic approach is amazing. Thank you, this will be a regular thing."

Amanda Hall


"I've just been to see Nicola for a bit of a 'me time' massage after a few stressful and overwhelming weeks. It was hands down the best massage I have ever received. After an hour I felt more relaxed physically and mentally than I have in a long time. I can't recommend her highly enough for her knowledge and skills! And I just love the gift of a small posey of fragrant flowers and shrubs hand picked from her garden afterwards. Just magic."

Robyn Towning