Iridology Reading

Iridology is an assessment tool which is used by many different practitioners. By looking at various signs that are found within the irises over specific locations we are able to gather information that can assist us in better understanding our clients and the causes of their ill health.


Iridology can provide us with information about:

  • Weakened function in various parts of the body
  • The function of various systems for instance blood sugar regulation and digestive processes
  • Areas of toxic accumulation or congestion
  • A client’s emotional picture or personality
  • The constitutional strength of a client, which can influence treatment progression


There is archaeological evidence to suggest that the ancient Egyptians and Greeks had a rudimentary understanding of iridology analysis. As technology continues to improve our understanding of the information that is found within our ‘windows to the soul’ has further developed.

From the iridology findings and some questioning of your health picture (optional) you will be provided with an individualised treatment plan, which may include dietary recommendations, herbs and supplements and lifestyle advice.


Consultation fee: $85

Duration: 45 minutes

Providing: Detailed iridology consultation and an individualised treatment plan.