Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification

Skype, Zoom or Phone consultations are available for clients based in other regions or countries than New Plymouth in New Zealand, otherwise face to face consultations are recommended.


Living in this modern world we are constantly exposed to a barrage of chemicals, which have disastrous effects on our cells and therefore our bodies. An interesting article by the National Geographic discussed how these chemicals, such as those found in our food and water, are linked to health issues such as attention problems and diabetes, and are linked to billions in health care costs.


Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and aluminum are difficult for the body to remove, because by nature they are so heavy. So, the body tends to store them in various places to reduce the damage they can cause. But we still see people who have chronic ill health, who are exhausted and suffering from brain fog that are showing signs of heavy metal loading.


Removing the heavy metals from the body requires a skilled practitioner trained in chelation therapy, working in conjunction with heavy metal testing results. QRA testing is also very useful in checking how the body is reacting to the process and the treatments, and what nutritional supplements it is needing.


Heavy metals and chemicals are often high in people working in certain industries. For instance, builders and plumbers, hair dressers and beauticians, oil and gas, welding and spray painters and conventional farmers.


To investigate whether your health issue is caused by heavy metal or chemicals contact me.


Cost: $160

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Follow Up and QRA Testing Cost $85

Duration 30-45 minutes

Providing: Thorough consultation, multiple forms of assessment and an individualised treatment plan. HMTA testing will be recommended.



Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification Testimonial

"It has been a real pleasure working with Nicola over the past year on my journey of health and wellbeing. I was one of her more ‘difficult’ cases since although I could function relatively okay I never felt completely well. Nicola gave me great advice on how to support my mood, increase my energy levels and eliminate parasites from my body. I also received support nutritionally and was given relevant supplement advise. In addition, I had a heavy metal hair analysis that confirmed I had heavy metal toxicity.


This has gone well to date and I have also had all my amalgams removed. My energy levels are far better than they have been for years and I am very grateful for the support and encouragement that I received for Nicola during the time I worked with her." - Hazel Thomas Testimonial 7.1.2014


"I have been seeing Nic for 3-4 years, she has worked with my husband and I tirelessly through our fertility journey. It's been a tough journey for us, and we have received nothing but support from Nic. She is a great and thorough naturopath exploring all possibilities. It really feels like she has gone the extra mile to help us achieve what on some days felt impossible. Our beautiful baby girl joined us in July this year, thanks Nic for all your energy and support through this journey." - Liz Beck Testimonial 14.8.17