Emotional Support & Alignment Consultation

Skype, Zoom or Phone consultations are available for clients based in other regions or countries than New Plymouth in New Zealand, otherwise face to face consultations are recommended.


Researchers and health professionals are seeing an increasing prevalence of anxiety and depression in New Zealand and worldwide. Shockingly, NZ has the worst teen suicide rate in the developed world (Unicef, 2017; Fyers, 2017).


There are many socio-economic reasons why New Zealanders and our children are so unhappy, and poverty has a huge part to play. We know that with poverty can also follow poor education, housing and of course diet.  Yet there is so much that can be done within the diet that can be cost effective. We can grow our own herbs and vegetables and fruit. We can make our own medicine from the native plants that are available to us. This process can be educational as well as fun when working with a skilled and enthusiastic naturopath!


There are other reasons why so many people are depressed, anxious and unhappy with their life experience. Including:

• Increasing levels of stress

• Poor dietary choices and a lack of nutrients

• Poor gut bacterial diversity

• Imbalanced pie chart with insufficient time for creativity and fun

• Negative patterns of thinking

• Difficult life circumstances

• Genetic predisposition


Allergies and poor nutrition, as well as poor gut health or gut bacteria diversity may drive emotional health problems such as anxiety and depression.


Did you know that you have 2 brains? One in your head and one in your gut? The more we learn about the gut and its bacterial population the more we realise that the gut is controlling our brain. For an excellent short TED talk on this listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWT_BLVOASI


All traditional healing approaches including Naturopathy, have known that to heal many health issues you must start with the gut. Makes sense when you consider the importance of digesting and absorbing nutrients from food in order to heal. But we also now know that to feel emotionally balanced our gut must be digesting food optimally and supporting diverse populations of beneficial bowel bacteria - Read more here.


A skilled naturopath will investigate these considerations and more and provide an individualised and inspiring treatment plan for you! I consider myself as a cheerleader standing on the side lines, there to encourage and inspire you to greater life satisfaction and wellness. You just have to reach out for help.


Read Nicola's blog on the benefits of mirror talk for increasing self esteem: Self Esteem Article


Cost: $160

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Follow Up Cost $85

Duration 30-45 minutes

Providing: Thorough consultation, multiple forms of assessment and an individualised treatment plan.



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Allergy & Digestive Support Testimonial

"Nicola you have been very kind and also aided me in some very important changes, whether they were physical or, more importantly, emotional/mental ones too! Think about it! When I first came to see you, I was barely able to concentrate on my study, let alone complete it! I'm now on track for an A's in my course work. Also, my wife and children are now spending time with a man who is a much happier and energetic person than two years ago, which is a wonderful thing. While I understand the undoubtable work I have been doing to achieve these changes, I can't help but feel thankful to have been a client of yours, and at the precise time I needed to be!


So thank you for your time, knowledge and professional skill! Keep doing the fantastic work Nicola; your clients benefit greatly from the role you have chosen for yourself in this world. Not every person can say the same." - Ben Gibbons Testimonial 5.3.2012


"I am a new client of Nicola's and have felt nothing but welcomed and comfortable when in her presence. I have struggled with health issues my entire life but over the past month or so, since beginning herbal treatments, I have never felt better. Nicola offers advise and guidance without pressuring and allows you to take on the changes at your own pace. All this and I am only at the start of my journey! Can't wait to see what is in store next!!!" - Bayly Devonshire Testimonial 29.6.17