Detox & Weight Loss Online Programs

Short Online and Local Courses

After 12 years in clinical practice and 10 years working at a senior level in a Naturopathic College, being closely involved in the development of online diplomas, I now personally produce short courses. Some are local and some are online courses.


I regularly through the year release Detox and Weight Loss Programs.


The attendee can select from online detox programs of either two or four weeks duration.


The detox programs are designed to assist attendees in safely discovering what individual ways of detoxing and eating, will best suit them and their constitutions in the long term.


Throughout the attendees are offered a community of support and encouragement, with professional help available and regularly offered.


Course Materials

  • Each week information will be sent to each individual program attendee including:
  • Delicious & Healthy Recipes & Weekly Meal Plans
  • Information on Healthy Eating or Living
  • Access to quizzes to discover their individual Constitutional Types (with recipes aligned to this)
  • A Detox Home Treatment (optional)


Do I Need to Detox?

We live in a world that exposes us to around 145,000 industrial chemicals (Stockholm University, 2011), which we encounter in our food, water, homes, cars and places of work. They are everywhere. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer and infertility (United Nations and World Health Organisation, 2013), and many other health issues. To read more: view article 'What does a detox involve?'


What Does a Detox Involve?

A detox is conducted over a set period of time, commonly from 2 weeks to 2 months, and is often followed at specific times of year, for instance in Autumn and then in Spring. While detoxing a person chooses to eliminate various foods and substances from their diet and their life. To read more: Does a Detox Involve?


To discover upcoming dates simply contact me for details or check out my Facebook page Detox and Weight Loss Program.  If you like and share you will go in the draw to win One Free Place on my next Program


I also have a Facebook business page called Earth Sourced Naturopath and Medical Herbalist where I also regularly post articles.


If you are interested in being a part of the upcoming online Detox and Weight Loss Program and would like to enroll please feel free to contact me by email or phone, or send a message through my Connect area on this website.


I’m happy to send out a course curriculum if you want further information.


Detox & Weight Loss Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of attending Nicolas spring detox and weight loss on line course. I lost a total of 9 kg . Nicolas wisdom support and professional guidance helped me switch from complacency to focus. I highly recommend Nic for her services and to this day I’m converted to healthy thinking and eating. As I learnt it’s not just a one day thing its literally been life changing."

Lisa Lister Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017


"I set my attentions clearly at the beginning of the 6 week detox. By understanding the program I was able to use the knowledge that Nicola sent me to the fullest capacity thus allowing my mind and body to receive these nurturing gifts. The healing process began very quickly and I was able to feel the results within days of starting. Nicola has a wealth of information and is very talented in her field. She was always available when I needed reassurance. Her approach is gentle and nurturing and she has a great sense of humour. The food is delious, colourful and full of nutients and socially acceptable especially when I had friends around for dinner. I've made the lifestyle change and I am continueing on the programme. Why stop now, life is grand."

Forest Henry Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017


"Nicola, you have created an amazing program, which raises awareness to the whole being. The TCM style and understanding you provide makes this programs approach holistic, which is exactly what I feel we require in this day and age. The recipes are creative yet basic to put together and delicious.

I like how individual results are kept track of at an approachable point of each week. Nicolas support and knowledge throughout the program was fundamental. I felt listened to, respected and understood the whole way. I defiantly recommend it to anyone!

Melissa Barry Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017


"The 6 week Spring Detox and Weight-loss Programme was not just another fad detox or diet, it is an educated and positive lifestyle change. The tailored and wide range of recipes make the change fun, easy and motivating. I feel lighter, brighter and clearer and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to really kickstart a better eating programme that is not expensive and is maintainable! Thank you Nicola for your amazing support and everything you shared with us over the experience!!"

Debs Swanson Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017


"An effective program, with great support and information – personalized for my needs. I now have more energy, a willingness to embrace life, exercise and change. Thanks Nicola for the opportunity to grow and shrink at the same time!"

Sheryl Hamilton Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017


" I just completed the Spring Detox and Weight Loss Programme by Nicola Swanson and can honestly say this is the most enjoyable diet/detox I’ve ever completed (and I’ve done lots). The recipes she gave us were easy to make for a busy household but all absolutely delicious! I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all. Having the support of Nicola and the others on the programme via Facebook was so encouraging and nice to go through it with some other likeminded people. Not only did I feel more energetic and less bloated, I also lost 4kg which was nice just before Summer hit. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone wanting to gain energy and cleanse the system.

Claire Nicholls Testimonial 2nd Dec 2017