I was born into a family of teachers and spent my early years with my parents moving around various coastal schools.  This imparted to me the importance of education to inspire and facilitate change, and also adaptability. As a young adult I spent a lot of time overseas working in different countries and in different jobs such as a Sales Director for an international ebusiness conference organisation. This taught me to be open minded and understanding of others and created a fascination with people and their life choices.


Over this decade I felt I was constantly searching for something more meaningful that would be of use to the world.  Upon returning to NZ, through a series of meaningful coincidences, I decided to qualify as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.


I now live in New Plymouth where I've been a practicing Naturopath and Medical Herbalist since 2006. I run a clinic called Earth Sourced, but I also work with clients around the world through Skype consultations.  It is a real joy for me to be able to work with my clients and be a part of their growth and development.  Seeing people resolving their health complaints, feeling joyous and proud of their self-development is a magical experience I never tire of.


For 10 years I also worked part time for a naturopathic college.  I became a Programme Leader and Senior Tutor and my working day involved teaching, as well as writing, developing and leading new diploma qualifications. It was a privilege to be a part of developing the talents, empathy and knowledge of the coming generations of naturopaths and nutritionists.


Now I am focused on further developing my Earth Sourced clinic and local and online courses, as well as speaking at expos and for different community groups. Because I can see there is a greater need for health and wellbeing education within our communities and for our people who are becoming increasingly unwell.


If you would like to be assisted on your own healing journey, then please contact me on: +64 27 600 6330 or



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