Allergy & Digestive Support Consultations

Skype, Zoom or Phone consultations are available for clients based in other regions or countries than New Plymouth in New Zealand, otherwise face to face consultations are recommended.


Food allergies and intolerance reactions to food are on the rise.


Over the last 40 plus years researchers and health professionals are seeing an increasing prevalence of children and adults with allergy-based disorders such as asthma, hayfever and atopic eczema and allergic rhinitis (Mutius, 1998; Platts-Mills, Commins, 2017). Other allergy-based conditions also may include migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. Allergies and poor nutrition, as well as poor gut health or gut bacteria diversity also may drive emotional health problems such as anxiety and depression.


Did you know that you have 2 brains? One in your head and one in your gut? The more we learn about the gut and its bacterial population the more we realise that the gut is controlling our brain. For an excellent short TED talk on this listen to


All traditional healing approaches including Naturopathy, have known that to heal many health issues you must start with the gut. Makes sense when you consider the importance of digesting and absorbing nutrients from food in order to heal. But we also now know that to feel emotionally balanced our gut must be digesting food optimally and supporting diverse populations of beneficial bowel bacteria - Read more here.


So why are more people experiencing allergy and intolerance reactions?


Causes may include:

  • Poor nutritional choices with a lot of repetitive eating of the same foods – such as wheat and dairy
  • Low digestive function from insufficient secretion of stomach hydrochloric acid or small intestine digestive enzymes
  • Insufficient nutrients provided for the digestive system function and healing
  • Poor gut bacterial diversity – which is responsible for 70% of our immune system
  • Increasing levels of stress leaves our body in a sympathetic nervous system dominance state, which suppresses digestion and immunity
  • Increasing levels of chemicals in our food chain such as pesticides and herbicides and food additives and colourings
  • An overwhelmed liver and detoxification processes


All of these considerations and more will be considered and treated by a professional naturopath. I’m a ‘foodie’ and love finding and creating recipes and meal plans that are delicious and nutritious which I share with my clients. This is vital to clients sustaining long term changes in their diet and preventing feelings of deprivation from certain foods being reduced or eliminated.


Read Nicola's blog on the benefits of honey for hay fever: Honey/Hayfever Article


Cost: $160

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Follow Up Cost $85

Duration 30-45 minutes

Providing: Thorough consultation, multiple forms of assessment and an individualised treatment plan. Food allergy and intolerance testing will also be recommended, at an additional cost.



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Allergy & Digestive Support Testimonials

"I've been feeling fatigued for years. Within 7 days of working with Nic my energy went from zero to hero. I was able to exercise each day and I've slept deeply every night. The herbs taste foul but they're worth it! Her nutritional suggestions were workable and delicious."

Brad's Testimonial


"Nicola you have been very kind and also aided me in some very important changes, whether they were physical or, more importantly, emotional/mental ones too! Think about it! When I first came to see you, I was barely able to concentrate on my study, let alone complete it! I'm now on track for an A's in my course work. Also, my wife and children are now spending time with a man who is a much happier and energetic person than two years ago, which is a wonderful thing. While I understand the undoubtable work I have been doing to achieve these changes, I can't help but feel thankful to have been a client of yours, and at the precise time I needed to be!


So thank you for your time, knowledge and professional skill! Keep doing the fantastic work Nicola; your clients benefit greatly from the role you have chosen for yourself in this world. Not every person can say the same." - Ben Gibbons Testimonial 5.3.2012